MLBB Skin Gifting TNCs

This is for accounts registered in all regions.

How It Works
  1. Make payment and send required details.
  2. Sender will be allocated and his/her ID number will be sent to you with 2-3 days.
  3. Please follow your sender and ensure that the sender follows you back as well.
  4. Estimated date of sending will be 8-14 days after both parties followed each other / skin is released.
  5. Just sit back and wait for your skin to be gifted to your account!

❗️ Important Notes for Skin Gifting

  •  It is required by Moonton to have at least 7 days of friendship before any gift sending can occur.
  • Your schedule is only tentative and is subject to changes deemed appropriate by our senders in response to external factors that might affect the process of sending.
  • Please make sure to prioritize following your sender as it is the only way we can send the skin(s).
  • Do not unfollow your sender until you have received your skin(s)!
  • If you have changed your In-Game Name (IGN), please inform us so that it won’t cause any confusion or delay for your assigned sender(s).
  • If the case of any delay beyond 14 days, you can choose from the following compensation: Diamonds or Weekly Pass.

❗️ Cancellation Policy

  • No cancellation is allowed once your order is paid and confirmed.
  • If you happen to unfollow our sender or obtain the skin before your sender gifts you the skin(s), here are your options:
    1. If unfollowed - Follow your assigned sender again and wait to fulfil the 7 days friendship requirement again.
    2. If skin is obtained - Convert to Diamonds and pay SGD $4.00 conversion fee.
    3. If skin is obtained - Change to another receiving account (if remaining event time is enough) and pay SGD $2.00 changing fee.
  • If you refuse to choose from the above options, we will not be responsible for your mistake. The skin(s) will be sent to you even if it turns into fragments.
  • The above cancellation options are subject to Yeonnie Gaming's approval based on situation.