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Genshin Impact: User ID

Genesis Crystals / Primogems

Genesis Crystals / Primogems

Method of Recharge

User ID & Server

Processing Time

Instant upon acknowledgement

Order Information (Please Read!)

Copy the fields required below, fill them up and send them in when placing order.

User ID: 


*Please ensure that details provided are correct. No refunds will be given after recharge is completed.

How to find User ID?

  1. Open the game application and log into your account.
  2. Click on your avatar in the top left corner of the main game screen.
  3. Your User ID will be displayed under your avatar.
  4. To copy your User ID, tap on "Copy".


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This top up service is for all servers/regions.
✅ Asia ✅ America ✅ Europe ✅ TW, HK, MO

About Genshin Impact Genesis Crystals / Primogems
Genesis Crystals are a type of premium currency used in the game to buy Primogems, Character Outfits and other in-game items.

Genshin - Primogem Genesis Crystal Exchange

The most useful thing that Genesis Crystals can be traded for in the game is Primogems. Genesis Crystals trade at a one-to-one rate for Primogems, and that way players can fill in any missing Primogems to get to the next Intertwined Fate or Acquaint Fate wish.

💎 Genesis Crystals Top-Up Bonus
All Genesis Crystals packages come with bonuses (Double/Normal). Your in-game Shop will always show how many bonus Genesis Crystals you will be getting for the respective packages.

Double Top-Up Bonus:

  • Top up 60 Genesis Crystals to get 120 Genesis Crystals
  • Top up 300+30 Genesis Crystals to get 600 Genesis Crystals
  • Top up 980+110 Genesis Crystals to get 1,960 Genesis Crystals
  • Top up 1,980+260 Genesis Crystals to get 3,960 Genesis Crystals
  • Top up 3,280+600 Genesis Crystals to get 6,560 Genesis Crystals
  • Top up 6,480+1,600 Genesis Crystals to get 12,960 Genesis Crystals

Normal Top-Up Bonus

  • Top up 60 Genesis Crystals to get 60 Genesis Crystals
  • Top up 300+30 Genesis Crystals to get 330 Genesis Crystals
  • Top up 980+110 Genesis Crystals to get 1,090 Genesis Crystals
  • Top up 1,980+260 Genesis Crystals to get 2,240 Genesis Crystals
  • Top up 3,280+600 Genesis Crystals to get 3,880 Genesis Crystals
  • Top up 6,480+1600 Genesis Crystals to get 8,080 Genesis Crystals
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All you need to know

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I place an order?

1. Refer to the "Order Format" button above.

2. Send your order via: WHATSAPP or TELEGRAM.

Payment instructions will be advised upon order confirmation.

What payment methods are available?

Local Payment (Singapore)

  • PayNow and PayLah
  • Singtel Dash
  • Bank transfer and deposit
  • Local Credit Card (Master/VISA) + 3.5% fee
  • International Credit Card and AMEX + 4.5% fee

Overseas Payment

  • Malaysia Ringgit: Bank transfer
  • Thailand Baht: PromptPay and bank transfer
  • Indonesia Rupiah: Bank transfer
  • US Dollar: Bank transfer
  • British Pound: Bank transfer
  • Australia Dollar: Bank transfer
  • Canadian Dollar: Bank transfer
  • Euro: Bank transfer
  • New Zealand Dollar: Bank transfer

All Currencies

  • Credit or debit card
  • Cryptocurrency (USDT)
  • PayPal
  • WISE transfer and other remit

Log-in recharges FAQs

All log-in recharges come with:
✅ Lifetime warranty for all purchases
✅ 100% moneyback policy
✅ Warranty and moneyback policy applicable for "malicious refund" issues only

1. Are you considered a third-party top up?
Yes, but technically we are not! We are just purchasing your order(s) on your behalf directly from the game itself - NOT from any other dubious sources.

2. Are your purchases legit?
Our purchases are 100% legit. Receipt screenshot and/or number can be provided if requested for.

3. What if there is an issue with my account after recharging with you?
Please get a ticket with customer service to get an exact understanding of your account situation. If they say that your purchases with us are refunded, FULL refund will be made.

4. Is there a risk of getting banned?
Our recharges are all legit and accountable for.

5. Why are there other sellers selling much cheaper than you?
As a warning, I would advise AGAINST purchasing from sellers with prices that are too good to be true. Most of them are using the refund method - which means they will request a refund of ALL your purchases once the 6-months refund policy is expiring.

Many other games have encountered these kind of scammers before. These sellers will MIA once they refund all the customers' purchases - leaving you with a banned account and/or negative currency.

If you look at some of the cheap listings, sellers will state that they will NOT be responsible for anything happening to your account if you purchase from them. This means that they themselves do not trust their source - so why should you?

6. Then why should I purchase from you?
As stated, we provide aftercare for your purchases as we are confident with our legit purchases. Our prices are competitive as they come with the trust and reputation that we have built up over the years with hundreds of positive reviews.